@zyx any suggestions for projects potentially interested to submit a talk to the 2019 internet and devroom ?

The draft proposal has a small list and I'm sure we're still missing significant ones

@loic actually, very likely yes!

I have several hard deadlines on Monday though so won't have the details for you today.

More than happy to align on any currently public info and can likely add a conversation from our Decentralisation space too. I'm directly connected with orgs from Mozilla's room at this year's Fosdem if that's helpful?

@zyx asking relevant orgs when / if you get a chance would be great indeed! <3

@loic maybe see you at Mozfest in October? We've accepted heartsucker's session into the PrivSec space.

@loic @zyx I've got some thoughts that way on websearch I'm building towards.

Might be interesting to throw in.

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