Any bright ideas 💡 on how to encourage diverse (i.e. other than white males) submissions to the Internet & devroom at would be most welcome.

Here is the Call for Participation

@loic will be in #FOSDEM2019 and looking forward to join the devroom for a chat!

It's difficult to say, how to encourage diversity in these talks. I know that I could put a talk in about privacy with a little bit about tech in, but I havent because I know it would be more of a rant about the current state of things. I'd prefer talks about how to counter that, or we look outside our field and try to court people like Nina Paley, or other women and minorites.

Ultimately it comes down to underconfidence, its always a worry for me that if I take a slot it's stealing the slot from someone with something practical or relevant to say. I don't claim to speak for other women, it's just how I feel.

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