Many good proposals were received for the Internet & devroom at (deadline was November 26). Now is the exciting and difficult part: choosing among them and publishing the schedule before December 15th 🤔

@Natouille @how @Siltaer @pierreozoux @egrasmed : I'm happy we're doing this together 🙂

@loic @Natouille @how @Siltaer @pierreozoux @egrasmed

just wondering, maybe using an etherpad would limit the copy-pasting wrt the forum?
like, links to each submission, and discussion below.

@mmu_man @loic @Natouille @Siltaer @pierreozoux @egrasmed

I don't get what a pad would bring.

How we do it now: each entry in the Pentabarf is associated to a Discourse topic, where we track everything. Once we have a consensus on the Discourse we can report results to the Pentabarf.

@mmu_man @loic @Natouille @Siltaer @pierreozoux @egrasmed A pad does not have version tracking, edition tracking nor notifications.

At, we use Codi pads as support for live sessions, then copy-paste the Markdown to a Discourse topic, e.g.,

Codi pads are really nice for sharing Markdown, especially when there's code involved.

@mmu_man @how did all the copy/pasting. Very very patient ;-)

@loic only 9 submissions on the retro devroom so far :D

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