Any ideas on how to organic when flying to another country? I have a great sourdough which I use for baking bread once a week, I would like to keep it.

Someone suggested a toothpaste tube. But I'm not looking forward to demonstrate brushing my teeth with sourdough should I be asked by the border police to demonstrate the tube actually contains toothpaste.

Another idea was to dry it (50g) in 1kg of flour.

Any other suggestion?

@loic take 2 sets. One in carry-on (here the rules are up to 3 containers of 100 mL). I have refillable silicon containers used for shampoo/soap that would be appropriate. Put the second set in checked luggage (can be larger than 100 mL). Checked luggage will be colder and lower pressure, but should be fine as long as the container is not solid.

Leave third with someone at home in the fridge to feed on longer schedule in case the first 2 die or get discarded for some reason.

@keverets the problem is when there are rules at the border that forbid importing bacteria. Although sourdough is a very commonly found kind of bacteria cutlure, I'm unsure it matches the requirements of, say, the USA FDA?

The was smuggled in Florida, US in a toothpaste tube last night. It was fed and made a few bubbles but ... it smells differently. Anxiously waiting for it to recover from the sub-zero temperature, possible traces of fluor in the tube, pressure changes etc.

@loic Tu peux faire sécher le levain, après en avoir étalé une fine couche, sur une feuille de papier sulfurisé au soleil derrière une fenêtre. Tu récupères tous ça et tu l'envoies dans un emballage type tube de pellicule photo, il faudra juste diluer le levain dans de l'eau pour qu'il recommence à travailler.

Désolé pour le message en français, mes connaissance en anglais ne sont pas suffisantes pour tous ces termes.

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