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Loic Dachary @loic

Considering buying a puri.sm/ laptop. If anyone has feedback, it would be much appreciated. I need a laptop that works: I don't want to spend more than a few hours a month dealing with hardware problems.

@loic I've ordered one last november, still waiting to receive it. Last news are that they will ship mine by the end of this month...
So I'll tell you more once I get it.

@mherrb thats a loooong time to wait :-) puri.sm/global-shipping-status suggests they are shipping ~1200 librem 15 per month but they get more orders than they can produce. Not sure I'm reading this right though ...

@loic I understand this as the cumulative number of orders and shipments, meaning that they haven't shipped any machine since october last year. I've been told the new batches of production have been received and tested and they should start shipping them real soon now. So in june or july the green curve should start climbing again.