Les mots de la rue, capturés le 27 avril 2019 par une photographe anonyme à Toulouse. Ils étaient effacés le lendemain.

C'est un peu enfoui au fond des feuilles mais c'est déjà bien pour du muguet parisien :-)


Facebook is a gold sponsor of journalismfestival.com/, they have a room with delicious pastries. And staff to give advice to journalists about improving their Facebook page.

And one talk was canceled. The cancellation announcement is posted in the front of every room of the conference. Maybe it's just a coincidence.


Got a new phone from a shop nearby, a sim card from a guy in the subway. Installed LineageOS and Signal directly from the APK in a coworking place. Privacy Guard activated to deny access to the list of contacts. I will only use it when in public places.

Is this good enough to communicate anonymously and to not leak my contacts to WhisperSignal ? Or am I part of a security theater play ?


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