SecureDrop needs Arabic translations (19 strings) for the 0.7 release due next week. If you're interested you can jump right in at


Freedom of the Press Foundation has a job offer to work on SecureDrop, as a support engineer:


If you're into working with humans, free software & cryptography, and you love the idea of helping news organizations break their biggest stories based on submissions by whistleblowers, you may want to come work with me! New opening at Freedom of the Press Foundation just went up - boosts appreciated:

Got questions about translating SecureDrop? Join us for a chat on April 12th about our localization efforts, and ask us anything!


Are you a journalist? Do you use #SecureDrop? Are you going to #IFF2018? We'd like to buy you a cool refreshment and learn about your experience of using #SecureDrop. Details here:

A big thank you for your help in translating SecureDrop in Arabic :-) You entered the SecureDrop hall of fame :

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SecureDrop 0.5.1 is out, with new translations in Arabic, Italian, Turkish and Chinese. And European instances in Norway, Belgium, France and Germany were updated.


Fluent in Arabic ? Nothing planned for this week-end ? Here is an idea: translate the last 23 strings of SecureDrop to perfection so it can be released next week :-)


SecureDrop always welcomes new contributors ! Good at writing? Help us out with documentation. Check out our guide to get started.


Thanks to Freddy Martinez there will be a #SecureDrop session at #34c3. See you there !

Is there a good Free Software iOS app for OTP ?

Other than FreeOTP (because I'm told it works on the latest iOS; it's not pretty on anything newer than iPhone 5s/SE) and Google Authenticator (because it is proprietary and has access to internet for whatever reason).

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It would be great to verify that the FreeOTP available for iOS works to authenticate with SecureDrop. It can be done by scanning the QRCode at and trying to login as user: journalist password: WEjwn8ZyczDhQSK24YKM8C9a on the demo site:


#freeotp #securedrop

Is there a OTP Free Software mobile application available for both Android and iOS ?

I'm about to update the SecureDrop documentation to recommend FreeOTP for Android (because Google Authenticator is no longer Free Software). And it would be easier to recommend something that also works on iOS.

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Guide des lanceurs d'alerte Transparency France, mise Γ  jour 2017, sortira le 9 dΓ©cembre 2017. Nicole-Marie Meyer Γ©tait Γ avec une centaine d'exemplaires imprimΓ©s avec des typos. Collector !

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Come work on SecureDrop at the Electronic Frontier Foundation at 815 Eddy St in San Francisco on Thursday December 7th at 6-9pm! SecureDrop is a whistleblower submission system.